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Hi everyone! I am Lauren, a fashion blogger living in Toledo, Ohio  with my husband (Bruce) and our puppy (Max).  

I started mypinmoneyfashion in 2011. I always knew I wanted to do something in fashion. I remember being a little girl and stealing my older brother's blazers out of his closet so that I could pair them with my jeans and turtlenecks; I liked the idea of being unique and making a statement. Fashion has always come naturally to me. I come from a blood line of fashionistas, my grandmother being one of the most influential fashionistas in my life.  My father's mother, Helen "Sally" O'Neill was one of the best dressed ladies I had ever seen- Always decked from head to toe, my grandmother loved and appreciated looking and feeling good. She turned her fashion into passion and opened a store called The Pin Money Shop. The store was a high-end second hand shop that carried furs, designer dresses, suits, and accessories. The store gave the everyday woman a chance to enter into a world where they could feel, try on, and actually purchase some of their dream pieces at prices that were reasonable enough to justify. Second-hand no longer meant used to her customers, but instead meant new and improved.

I named this blog after my grandmother's shop because it was such an inspiration to women. My posts will reflect the Pin Money Shop in that I will mix high fashion pieces with affordable pieces that the everyday woman can justify. Pin Money Fashion is a source to inspire you from fashion, to beauty, to home d├ęcor and recipes. Fashion is my ultimate passion, and through that, I hope every post inspires you to create a look or an idea that excites you and makes you feel good.

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  1. Hi! My name is KaLeena and I write the blog live chicly. I wanted to let you know I have been following you blog, really love it, and nominated you for a Liebster award (I was just nominated by Midge in Manhattan)! Check out the "Nominated" post with details at livechichly.net for answering the questions and passing the Liebster along.