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Dressed Down Blazer

French Blue Linen-Cotton Blazer JCrew Factory/ White Jeans (older) love THESE/ Gray Tee HERE/ Converse HERE/ Silver Belt H&M

First off I have to point out the fact that if you noticed a wet spot on my t-shirt in the second to last photo you were not just seeing things! (ha) I breast fed right before taking these photos and it wasn't until after uploading these photos that I noticed I had leaked!! lol I totally could have photoshopped that out, but I figured hey... this is my life now as a new mama and this is real life so I'm leaving it!

Now onto the outfit.... (hehe) When I saw this jacket I absolutely fell in love. The color is so pretty and springy. I tend to wear jackets at work a lot dressed up over dresses so I wanted to be able to wear this jacket for Saturday errands in a fun, laid back kinda way. I love mixing preppier pieces (like this jacket) with laid back pieces (like my converse and t-shirt). The look is relaxed yet refined and perfect for a Saturday out and about. It's so easy to get caught in a rut wearing the same old, same old. Try mixing it up with a look like above.

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  1. i really love the colour of the blazer and how you have suited up in such a way that would go with the whole attire. thank you for such an amazing post