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The Secret to a Long, Full Ponytail

I have long, thick hair, but whenever I put my hair in a ponytail, my pony looks short and wide instead of sleek and long. It's always been frustrating for me because I do have long hair and cant get the look I want without using extensions. After playing around and trying some different things, I found the perfect resolution to get the long, thick ponytail that I have been striving for.

This is what my ponytail normally looks like... 

To get the long, full, ponytail start by brushing out your hair

After brushing out your hair, separate the top portion of your hair, just like you would for styling it half up, half down.

It should look like this:

Next, take the bottom half of your hair (everything thats left) and secure it in a ponytail directly under your top ponytail.

You should end up with something that looks like this...

Continue to tighten each ponytail to move them nice and close together

And... Voila! A Long, Full Ponytail!

Check out the side by side....
An easy way to get a long, full ponytail without having to use extensions. 
*If you have shorter hair and want a long pony look, start your first ponytail lower for a longer effect.

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