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Links You Need Now

1. Meeting your boyfriend's parents or invited to a party where the host says "bring yourself?" (um we all know that really doesn't mean that...)Here is a great site that tells you exactly what to get for each occasion so you never have to show up empty-handed. Hostess gifts

2. Feeling like you need a pick me up? Check out this site with the best books to read when you need a good laugh.

3. Love the look of stacked bracelets but aren't always sure which ones to pair together? Check out Bauble Bar's "build a bracelet" section. 

4. Need a dress for an event but sick of the same ole same ole? ASOS never stirs me wrong.. a little something for everything. 

5. Need fall cocktail inspo? Here are 15 recipes that are sure to wet your whistle this season.

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