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Best Kept Secrets

Want something for the cold days ahead that will keep skin moisturized and even out skin tone? This BB Cream is amazing because it covers and evens your skin without making your face look cakey. The ultimate result: smooth, silky, even-toned skin. 
Skin Renew Miracle Skin $11.00 at Drugstores

Whether you are stressed, have no time for sleep, or if the season change is causing you to have under eye bags, then this is the stuff for you. Lumene Time Freeze  is made up of antixodiants that revive the bags under the eye, giving you a fresh look. Plus, it's only $20.00 at Drugstores.
Lumene Time Freeze $20.00

My lips become horribly chapped during the cold fall and winter months and nothing seems to help-until I found  Blistex Deep Renewal treatment. This stuff makes your lips super smooth and silky. (perfect for the romantic winter months ahead)

$2.00 at Drugstores
I love the sun, but am realizing the sun doesn't love me back! I am noticing some dark spots and they need to be taken care of ASAP. I found these Garnier Skin Renew Dark-Spot Treatment masks. Yes, you may look like a mime, but it will be so worth it!  
$15.00 for 6 at drugstores
This mascara is no joke- it really lengthens and enhances your lashes from basic to va-va-voom!!
Benefit Cosmetics they're Real mascara $10.00 at Sephora


  1. I'm totally in love with BB cream. I have used all kinds - I like the Maybelline version and recently purchased some Mary Kay, which I also like. Last year, I bought a SUPER expensive tube of Laura Mercier, and it was great, but not THAT great.