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Pin Money How-To: Buying the RIGHT Sunnies for your Face Shape!

One of the best and chicest accessories for summer is a great pair of sunglasses or what I like to call “sunnies.” Sunglasses are an inexpensive and easy way to take your look from laid back to glamorous in seconds. There are so many different shapes and styles though, and many women feel like they are not sure what style looks right. Here is a go- to guide for buying the perfect sunglasses for your face shape!

If you have a heart-shaped face, then that also means you have higher cheekbones, a narrower chin, and a wider forehead. The best sunglasses for a face this shape are either cat-eye sunglasses or aviator sunglasses. The shapes of both accentuate the heart-shape of the face. Plus, for ladies with heart-shaped faces, both of these styles are very different- both chic and laid back, giving two very different style options that both look great.  

If you have an oval face then you are in luck! Oval faces are balanced consisting of a narrow jaw line, narrow forehead, narrow chin, and higher cheekbones (okay you are perfect we get it!) That being said, no one style is perfect for your face- all will look great and compliment you. Have fun trying out every style like aviators, cat eyes, Jackie O’s, to round -it’s something that not all can do so have fun with it!
If you have a round face you have soft curves and very few angles, so sunglasses that are large or edgy are perfect for your face. Try a pair of oversized square glasses that are large and make a statement, but have defined lines for your face. Another fun pair to try for your round face is a pair of wafers- again trendy, with defined lines. 
If you have a square face this means you have a defined jaw, a broad forehead, and probably a squared off chin. Squared faces are great because they are typically proportional in length and width. That being said, the best styles of sunglasses to try for a square face are round sunnies. This shape is retro and very fashion-forward for the summer months. Not everyone can pull them off, so if you can, definitely give them a try!

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