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Pin Money: For the Everyday Woman

Happy Hump Day Pin Money Girls!! I love love loooove sharing Pin Money reader's and their fab fashion finds! Check out Monica from Toledo, Ohio who found this AHHHHdorbable Metaphor dress at Sears for $12.99. Monica was inspired by the colors of the season and loved this dress because it can take her from the office during the day paired with a blazer, to an evening out with girlfriends by taking the jacket off and adding a clutch! Awesome job girl you look beautiful!
** Fashion Tip: Don't be afraid of shopping at stores that you normally don't shop at. A lot of the time, stores that are not completely fashion focused (the ones that have other items besides clothes) are the ones that have the diamonds in the rough at awesome prices!

Basics. With a POP of color

Chic office wear doesn't have to be hard to come by- mixing your everyday basic patterns with a pop of color not only is fun for summer but looks rich and fashion-forward. I absolutely love stripes, so when I found this black and white striped sleeveless blouse from H&M I just knew it had to be mine! I paired it with  a mustard pin skirt from H&M and topped it off with a jacket, cat eye shades, and red lipstick. Fun. and Chic in one, and prrrrrfect for the office! Take a look!

H&M blouse $24.95 (in stores only) , H&M skirt $24.95 HERE , necklace similar Forever 21 HERE, Target Sunnies HERE 

Happy Friday!

To all of my Pin Money Peeps out there... I just wanted to say...

Hump Day Deals!!

Happy Hump Day Pin Money Girls!! As all of you know, I live for great deals on fashion! That being said, JCrew Factory has 40% off all of their items, and I am just dying to get my hands on some of this AHHHdorable stuff! Here are some of my favorites, but see for yourself HERE!

Products PERFECT for Summer

For the hot summer months ahead, our hair can be frustrating to manage. For  frizz-free, shiny, sleek hair try Frizz Ease 3-day straight. After shampooing your hair, spritz on Frizz Ease 3-day straight, blow dry your hair, and then straighten. Your hair will not only look gorg, but you also wont have to worry about washing it for a few days!! Best of all, this stuff is only $10.00 and can be found at any Drugstore, Target, or Walmart.
Bathing suit season is here which lets face it ladies, makes grooming more tedious! (hey i just call it as it is!) For all of the ladies out there who need a shaver that works right for the right areas, you have got to try BIC Soleil Shave and Trim. It is a disposable razor and bikini trimmer in one. Plus, it has a vitamin E strip built in to keep skin moisturized. This baby is only $11.00 and can be found at any drugstore. 
Speaking of shaving, if you have trouble with razor bumps, or want to minimize hair growth, and exfloiate your skin (ok who doesnt!) then you have got to try Shaveworks Get Smooth Duo found at Sephora HERE for only $10.00!! This stuff is awesome. 

There is nothing worse then chapped, dry lips in the summer months. Plus summer is a fun time to wear bright colored lipsticks, so your lips need to be smooth and moisturized- nothing is worse than chapped lips and lipstick! An easy fix is Nivea Lip Butter found a drugstores for only $4.00. Simplicity at its best!

If you are like me, the summer months are a time to explore fun nail polish colors like hot pink, coral, turquolise, etc. Sally Hansen's Insta Dry is awesome because it not only drys super fast, but it comes in a bunch of fun colors. I love this stuff because I can through it on in the morning before work, or quickly before a date night.  You can find Sally Hansen's Insta Dry at any drugstore for around $4.00.

There is nothing worse than wearing a great dress or skirt to kick off the warm months and feeling completely self conscious due to dry legs.Victoria's Secret Bronze Instant Bronzing Shimmer Dry Oil, for only $15.00 enhances your gams with some shine and shimmer. Very sexy for a night out on the town and perfect for summer. 

It's Friday... Live.It.Up

              I got this from my girlfriend Ashley, and just had to post. Happy Friday Girls. xoxo

Lucky Boutique Offer!

Happy Hump Day Pin Money Girls!! The Amazing Lucky B Boutique has created a coupon offer just for Pin Money followers!! At checkout, use the code PINMONEY and you will receive 15% off your purchase!!
Happy Shopping Girls and Thank You Lucky B Boutique!!!

Lucky B Boutique

Pin Money How-To: Mixing Patterns

Mixing patterns in one outfit can be intimidating and tricky. Often enough, without knowing how to pair different patterns together, the wrong combinations end up being worn.  There are a few tricks to the trade, but once you learn how to mix patterns and textures it becomes fun and allows for endless outfits to be created- full of personality, and individuality. Here are some key points to follow:

Steer away from mixing large patterns with large patterns or small patterns with small patterns. Large patterns with large patterns will not only look overwhelming, but will ultimately give you a wider look. On the flip side, mixing small patterns with small patterns creates a busy appearance and again, is overwhelming on the eye. Instead, combining a small pattern with a large, or two opposite patterns like floral and stripes, creates balance and an unexpected cute look.

Make sure that your patterns share the same color scheme. This is very important when mixing patterns, otherwise you will look like you did back in Kindergarten trying to dress yourself for the first time! An example of mixing patterns that share the same color scheme would be mixing a navy paisley top with a navy, red, and white striped skirt. Even though the patterns are different, at least one of the colors is shared which creates balance.

Make sure that when mixing patterns, that the patterns are not too matchy-matchy. Think of plaid, stripes, or polka dots head to toe. This is not a good look and the result will not be pretty. Instead, add structure to your outfit by combining loose prints with refined, structure prints. Try flowers with stripes or try gingham print with polka dots. The prints compliment one another, instead of competing with one another.

To add balance and to tone down the overall look of the outfit go back to the basics. Add a solid colored belt like black, silver, or navy. Make sure to then match your shoes to your belt to add balance to the outfit. This will help pull the look together in a very classic way, while still keep it hip and modern. You can also add balance with the actual clothing items. For example, try pairing a solid black skirt with a polka dot blouse and a striped cardigan. Solids, whether a skirt, top, or belt help to create balance in the overall outfit.

Take at look at these outfit examples below:

Polka dot skirt Dorothyperkins.com $28.00, Blazer johnlewis.com $93.00 , Target t-shirt $5.00, Targets sandals $29.99, Forever 21 earrings $4.80, Forever 21 bracelet $5.80, Aldoshoes clutch $40.00 

Delias.com skirt  $25.00, Zara.com tank $26.00, Target cropped jacket $29.99 , Riverisland.com jacket $77.00, Forever 21 wedges $29.80, Forever 21 bow  earrings $3.80, Forever 21 envelop bag $19.80 

Take TIME to Smell the Roses

Happy Hump Day Pin Money Girls! I just had to post my most recent purchase from VeryJane.com. I just love my new Jcrew inspired beaded rose necklace that I got for $19.99. It adds that perfect "pop" of color and looks identical to the one from Jcrew... see for yourselves! This is a must buy for the summer girls!!

Here is the VeryJane version on Me!

In case you missed the VeryJane.com deal I found this necklace for you girls HERE 

Hottest Dresses for Spring/Summer 2013

One of the best aspects of spring and summer weather is being able to wear dresses- they are so carefree, comfortable, feminine, and easy! A dress can look classic paired with heels and pearls, can be perfect for a casual day out with flats and a sun hat, or can look sexy with pumps and statement jewelry.  Dresses are a no-fail go-to for any event.

Most of us have a go-to sun dress, or little black dress that we turn to that we can either dress up or down. But- sometimes it’s just fun to get something new! Here are the hottest dress styles for the warm months ahead.

Transparent dresses are sexy, and are real show-stoppers when worn right. Picture a cocktail dress with a long, sheer piece over the bottom half. This style gives enough coverage to keep your look mysterious, yet shows enough to give your look an overall sexiness.  This style of dress looks great paired with strappy sandals, and bold tribal inspired necklaces. This dress is perfect for a date or for a wedding at the beach. 

Topshop dress found HERE, Find more HERE and HERE  

Little white dresses are the hottest thing since sliced bread next to your little black dress. There is something so pure and feminine about a woman in a white dress. The look is clean and sleek. Pair your white dress with nude pumps, black and white pumps, or fun colors like bright blue or yellow. White is a fun to dress up and down and can be paired with simple gold or silver jewelry or fun, bright colored statement necklaces.

Missselfrdige little white dress HERE , Find more HERE and HERE 
Black and white dresses are classic and perfect for the office or for cocktails. Black and white stripes, and geometric prints are a must this season so try rocking this trend by wearing it in a dress. The look is bold, and sophisticated, and will be the perfect go-to for any event.  
Topshop.com dress found HERE , Find more HERE and HERE
Drop waist, tennis style dresses are hot this season. They can be dressed up for a night out on the town or are perfect for a family get together, showers, and graduations. This style of dress is fitted at the waist, relaxed over the hips and thighs, and the bottom flares out to a playful, feminine look.  
Dorothyperkins.com found HERE , Find more drop waist dresses HERE and HERE