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Oscars Edition: Look Red Carpet Ready on a Dime!

The Oscars are one of, if not the most important time for celebrities to show off their fashion sense.  There is a lot of pressure to not only look great, but to set the stage for the hot new patterns and color trends in the fashion world. Celebrities spend months working with designers on what they want their look to be-soft and feminine, loud and colorful, or sexy and spontaneous. Either way the looks are usually breathtaking.

As we gather around our televisions on February 24, 2013 to see the amazing looks, not just the dresses, but the overall looks, we can only imagine what it would be like to have top designers at our finger tips, and having the kind of money to design anything in the world that we want.  The idea seems so magical, almost untouchable, which makes watching the Oscars almost an adult fantasy world.
For the real women out there, who truly would like to dress like a celebrity for a special event, and don’t have the money to do so there still is hope. 

Rent the Runway, renttherunway.com is like Netflix for dresses. This website allows for the everyday woman to experience wearing a designer gown, but on a dime. There are hundreds of designers to choose from, and even better Rent the Runway helps you narrow down what type of dress you are looking for in different categories like wedding guest, gala, or party so you get the exact type of dress that you want. Once you have decided on a dress, Rent the Runway sends a couple of sizes in the same dress to be sure that it fits just right, and after a couple of days you mail back the dress. Easy, fun, and very affordable. 

Another website that offers gowns that are marked way down is theoutnet.com.  The Outnet has a variety of beautiful gowns, mostly designer, that are marked way down-marked down from $1,000 to around $250. The gowns are gorgeous and affordable. The different between The Outnet and Rent the Runway is buying vs renting. The Outnet is good for that one time event or if you think you may wear the gown again.

Last, but not least vintage is always a good route to go. Whether it’s bidding on a dress on eBay, going to vintage inspired websites like modcloth.com, or going through a family member’s closet- it’s always fun to reinvent the old and make new.  Plus, vintage allows for you to show off your personal style and have something that no one else will have.

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