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Denim is having its moment.. MORE THAN EVER!

Now, more than ever, designers are celebrating denim in a new, fresh way and it is through the denim, button up shirt. Now, and throughout spring 2013, almost every store will carry denim, button up shirts. Just like jeans, this shirt can be worn in so many different ways from edgy, to trendy, to chic that you will regret not buying one.

So you may ask, “how in the heck can I rock a denim button-up shirt?” For the first time button-up denim shirt wearer, here are some fun ideas to get you excited about.

Wear a denim button up shirt over a fitted dress.  First, start with one of your favorite, fitted black dresses, or even one with a pattern. Keep the dress simple and basic though; don’t go for one with studs, chains, or zippers. The idea is to keep the look clean and chic. Next, layer your jean shirt , unbuttoned over your dress almost as if you were wearing it like a blazer. If your dress has sleeves, let the sleeves poke out the bottom of your denim shirt and don’t be afraid to roll up the sleeves a little. Top the look off with a fun pair of tights, a pair of riding boots or ankle boots, and a few chain necklaces, a watch and some layered bracelets. This look is so easy, carefree, and stylish. This would be a fresh look for a night out on the town or even for shopping during the day.

Wear your denim shirt with a pin skirt to work. Most women may be extremely timid to wear anything denim related to work and that is understandably so. Denim still can have that casual connotation related to it- that is until now. One of the sexiest, chicest, and stylish outfits a woman can sport to work is a fitted denim button-up, with a pin skirt, a pair of great pumps, and a statement necklace. The look is so unexpected, yet works. It’s where your down to earth side meets your powerhouse side and creates an incredible look. Try ladies, it wont disappoint.

Wear your denim shirt under a fun sweater. This look is perfect for first time wearers of the denim button up shirt. The look is timeless yet fun. Start with your denim button up shirt, and over it, layer one of your favorite sweaters. However, the look is best if you keep the sweater loud and fun. For instance, top your denim with a hot pink sweater, a neon yellow sweater, one with polka dots, or leopard print. Again, the down to earth look paired with trendier items creates a fashion masterpiece! Top your look off with your favorite pair of skinny jeans, a great pair of flats, and a true statement necklace. This look is definitely no-fail.

IN LOVE with these FAB Jewelry Finds!

If it is possible-jewelry is bigger than ever this year. If you were worried about colors fading away this season, think again. More than ever- expect to see jewelry in bright, bold colors like cobalt blue, emerald green, canary yellow, fiery red, and neon pink, yellow, and blue. Even more unique, is not the color, but the shape that the pieces come in. Think bold, and bright with tribal influence. Modern spikes and geometric shapes will be a common theme, along with roping, leather, and beads.  Also unique to the jewelry world are earrings found in shapes like skulls, elephants, and bows, filled with crystals and colors- mixing two different worlds where edgy meets glamour.

If your fashion taste buds have not been tantalized enough-it gets even better.  Stores like Target, H&M, Forever 21, and Aldo, among many others are offering bold, bright, options for prices ranging anywhere from $7.00 to $12.00. These stores have offered a little bit of everything for everyone from neon necklaces, to bright blue crystal earrings, to edgy spike bracelets.  The prices are so doable for the everyday woman, that it allows for new looks to be bought and new creations to be made.


Oscars Edition: Look Red Carpet Ready on a Dime!

The Oscars are one of, if not the most important time for celebrities to show off their fashion sense.  There is a lot of pressure to not only look great, but to set the stage for the hot new patterns and color trends in the fashion world. Celebrities spend months working with designers on what they want their look to be-soft and feminine, loud and colorful, or sexy and spontaneous. Either way the looks are usually breathtaking.

As we gather around our televisions on February 24, 2013 to see the amazing looks, not just the dresses, but the overall looks, we can only imagine what it would be like to have top designers at our finger tips, and having the kind of money to design anything in the world that we want.  The idea seems so magical, almost untouchable, which makes watching the Oscars almost an adult fantasy world.
For the real women out there, who truly would like to dress like a celebrity for a special event, and don’t have the money to do so there still is hope. 

Rent the Runway, renttherunway.com is like Netflix for dresses. This website allows for the everyday woman to experience wearing a designer gown, but on a dime. There are hundreds of designers to choose from, and even better Rent the Runway helps you narrow down what type of dress you are looking for in different categories like wedding guest, gala, or party so you get the exact type of dress that you want. Once you have decided on a dress, Rent the Runway sends a couple of sizes in the same dress to be sure that it fits just right, and after a couple of days you mail back the dress. Easy, fun, and very affordable. 

Another website that offers gowns that are marked way down is theoutnet.com.  The Outnet has a variety of beautiful gowns, mostly designer, that are marked way down-marked down from $1,000 to around $250. The gowns are gorgeous and affordable. The different between The Outnet and Rent the Runway is buying vs renting. The Outnet is good for that one time event or if you think you may wear the gown again.

Last, but not least vintage is always a good route to go. Whether it’s bidding on a dress on eBay, going to vintage inspired websites like modcloth.com, or going through a family member’s closet- it’s always fun to reinvent the old and make new.  Plus, vintage allows for you to show off your personal style and have something that no one else will have.

Gurung Style!!

Target, Red Dot Boutique, Tarjey…whatever you call it the place is amazing. There’s always some new, fresh, hip designs that are actually affordable for the everyday gal. Typically, im not one to promote one single store or designer, but this time I just had to! February 10 through March 23, 2013, Target is introducing one of fashion’s hottest designers Prabal Gurung- the desinger who designs for Michelle Obama and Kate Middelton, along with many others. The line will include items from clothes, to bags, to jewelry, to shoes. What’s most exciting about this line is that it is super feminine, with refined tailoring. Let’s put it this way- if you were to wear one of the amazing blazers, dresses, or shoes that Prabal Gurung designed, no one would guess that it was from Target.

Take a look at some peices from the line below, and dont forget to run to Target on February 10th to take advantage of these gorgeous looks! Oh and ps.. if you buy anything from this line, buy the shoes! They are so feminine, chic, and the colors are fantastic. Finally shoes that look sexy and chic instead of clunky!
(pictures from Target.com)

Bow Dress $49.99

Apple Red Ruffle Dress $39.00


Ruffle dress $39.99

Full skirt dress $49.99

Shirt Dress $39.99