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Stay fabulous during the blah winter months!

The New Year is here, and if you are like most women, you are craving a new look. It could be anything from a new haircut, to a new wardrobe, to a new workout regime. Regardless of what your goal is, start off on the right foot with small, manageable, and affordable changes.  It can be tempting to drop hundreds on facials, teeth whitening, or even brand name clothes. Yes, it seems like a good idea at the time, but in the end we are right back where we started-feeling financially stressed and overwhelmed; defeating the purpose of the positive changes that we thought we were making. Instead, start out on the right foot by purchasing inexpensive items that are still fun and fabulous.

 A Camel coat or jacket is an amazing way to incorporate a fresh, new look into our winter wardrobes.  Black has always been a go-to and is undeniably flattering, cream is a winter classic, and bright blue or red is almost expected. Camel on the other hand is fresh, it’s flattering, and creates a rich sophistication to any pair of jeans, dress, or pair of black pants. 

A bright colored bag seems like a fashion no-brainer when we need that extra pick-me-up but it’s not something most of us think to purchase.  Typically, in the months of January or February, we hang onto our basic black or brown bag to get us through the winter months so that we can save for something new for spring. Why save color for spring? There’s no time like the present to embrace color.

A long sleeve dress seems thoughtless, but again, it’s not something that most women own. Most women own sleeveless or short-sleeved dresses that are forced to be paired with jackets or cardigans. Although this look can be cute, it can seem very typical and yes, wintry. Why not purchase a long-sleeved dress that can be fabulous on its own, or even better paired with a great scarf or a statement necklace?

Ankle boots are so transitional, and actually quite sexy. Ankle boots are the most understated of the boot family, because they are not as noticeable as knee-high boots, yet they always seem to make an impact on any outfit from jeans, to skirts, to pants. 

A fitted blazer is always an easy go-to, but you can never have enough. Treat yourself to a fun, bright colored blazer, or one with stripes, or studs. Blazers are an easy way to add style and personality to an outfit without trying hard-They ad shape to a basic t-shirt and are always appropriate for wherever you are going.

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