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Beauty Products you MUST try!!

Walking down the cosmetic aisle of a drugstore can be fun, but it can also be overwhelming. The costs of individual items are usually not severe enough to break the bank, but as women, we can never walk out with just one item, and so the tab easily adds up. What is even more frustrating, is buying a product that just doesn’t look good or that doesn’t work. If you are ready for a few new products this winter that work and are affordable, then your time is now.

There is nothing worse than dry, cracked lips during these winter months. For a quick and easy fix, try Maybelline’s Baby Lips repairing lip balm for only $3.99 at any drugstore.This stuff makes your lips feel like a baby’s bottom and it comes in a variety of tinted colors like pink, peach, or red to give you that extra boost. 

It is said that eyes are windows to the soul. If this is true, then why not emphasize them as one of our best assets.Save a little, and treat yourself to Urban Decay’s NAKED 2 eye shadow tray found at Sephora for $50.00. The colors are absolutely gorgeous and transitional.

There is almost nothing sexier than a woman confident enough to wear a bright pink, or red lipstick. Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids Lipcolor for only $5.49 is amazing. This lipstick goes on smooth, stays on, and the colors are gorgeous

During the winter months our hair tends to go on the fritz. It can feel dry, or frizzy and overall just hard to style. John Frieda’s Frizz Ease conditioner for $5.99, found at any drugstore is unreal. This conditioner makes your hair silky smooth, without making it feel too soft. 

 ROC Rectional Correction Cream found at drugstores for $19.99, literally rocks. After four weeks this cream starts diminishing any brown spots or lines that you may have. 

Painted nails are one of the easiest ways a woman can look put-together and polished; no pun intended. Really though, it does not take much to paint fingernails and it looks so good!Sally Hansen hard as nails xtreme wear nail color for only $2.49 found at drugstores. This nail polish looks good, stays on, and is cheap

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