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Chilly Weather Calls for Layering... in a Chic and Fashionable kind of way

Ladies... Just because the weather is getting colder doesn’t mean you have to dress like the abdominal snowman! There are ways to still look fabulous and trendy, while still staying warm and comfy- and this can all be done through layering. Layering sometimes gets a bad rap because women are afraid of looking frumpy or boxy; which is well understood if you are not layering the “right” items. If it is done right, layering in fact can look very sleek, rich and sophisticated. Try some of the layering look ideas below. They are fun, chic, fashion-forward, and yes... Warm!
Pair your favorite skinny jeans or slim black pants with a basic black or white blouse. Over the blouse, layer a fun cardigan that you have like a leopard print, a bright color, or a cardigan accented with sequins. Belt the cardigan.  The belt adds shape to the blouse and cardigan so you won’t look or feel frumpy. Then over the blouse, cardigan, and belt, add a fitted blazer. The blazer secures warmth and polishes off the entire look. Finish your look with a pair of high boots over your jeans or slim black pants.

If you are craving a different look for a night out on the town with girlfriends or for a hot date, don’t pack your shorts, yes shorts away quite yet.  Instead of the typical skirt or dress, be spontaneous and daring, by layering a pair of black, or tweed shorts with tights. On top, a long sleeved striped or solid color t-shirt is perfect. Layer your long-sleeved  t-shirt with a long cardigan or a fun blazer. Finish off the look with either a chic scarf bundled up, or with a chunky necklace.

For a more casual, run around town kind of look, start with one of your favorite, cozy, fitted sweaters. Pair your fitted sweater with a pair of jeans or leggings. Although this look is cute in itself, bump it up a notch by adding these extra items that will not only make it look cute but will keep you warm. Over your fitted sweater, layer a collared jean shirt. Try rolling up the sleeves of your sweater over the jean shirt to keep the look consistent. Next, layer your sweater and open, collared jean shirt with a faux fur vest. Finalize the look with a pair of flat riding boots or biker boots. Add in a few layers of necklaces and a chic hobo back, and vula!


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