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Bringing back the silk blouse, in a new and sassy kind of way

Imagine a fall fashion trend that is classic, fashionable, and practical all in one.  Best of all it can be worn multiple ways and can be extremely affordable. What is this fashion trend that I speak of? It is the basic, yet fabulous silk blouse. 

Until now, silk blouses have sort of gotten lost in the fashion shuffle. Although most women can undeniably say that silk blouses are always a flattering and feminine piece, it’s not one that most of us have thought to turn to when shopping or when shuffling through our closets when looking for something new to wear.

Yes, silk blouses used to come in colors like pale pink, cream, or blue, however now the silk blouse is edgier, more stylish, and playful. Silk blouses now are being shown in bright purple, blue, yellow, or pink. They are now completely sheer or have fun prints on them like polka dots, animal print, or black and white stripes. Edgiest of all, silk blouses are being show with detailed collars like rhinestones, studs, or sequins. The new details on this once very standard and simple look creates a mix of edgy, playful, and girly all in one. 

Silk blouses used to be seen only with conservative dress; either basic dress pants or a pin skirt, and were typically worn only in conservative, business settings.  Now, silk blouses are more fun than ever to wear. Silk blouses are now being shown with skinny jeans left un-tucked with high boots, a few long necklaces and a cute tote. Silk blouses also look amazing tucked into high wasted pants with a cute statement belt like a leopard or metallic print, and paired with fun heels. Most comfortable of all, silk blouses look adorable paired with leggings, and a great pair of flats. For the office, or a night out for cocktails, a silk blouse looks fantastic paired with a pin skirt, flared skirt, or even a mini skirt with tights.

The silk blouse look is feminine, with a touch of sexiness, yet conservative enough that it always looks appropriate for any occasion.  Best of all, this style of blouse works for any woman of any age, and looks great on all shapes. This is one of those go-to items that is super transitional and functional in one. 

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