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HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Fall's Hottest Nail Colors

Happy Halloween ladies!! On this Halloween day, I thought it would be fun to share Fall's hottest nail colors with all of you. I must say.. they are all spooktacular! ;)

Fall Staples that Every Woman Needs

With all of the fall fashions circling this season, sometimes it's nice to have staples to turn to; items that go with everything and can be mixed and matched with the hottest trends. These staples can be worn for anything, at anytime, and are just sassy enough to make us feel fresh and fashionable this season.   


Hey Pin Money girls!! Happy Friday!! Check out this look put together by Pin Money, worn by a My Pin Money Fashion reader! I'm not sure if I love her cap-toe heels, red pants, or necklace more! She looks great!! Happy shopping girls, and remember you don't have to spend a fortune to look fabulous! 

Bringing back the silk blouse, in a new and sassy kind of way

Imagine a fall fashion trend that is classic, fashionable, and practical all in one.  Best of all it can be worn multiple ways and can be extremely affordable. What is this fashion trend that I speak of? It is the basic, yet fabulous silk blouse. 

Until now, silk blouses have sort of gotten lost in the fashion shuffle. Although most women can undeniably say that silk blouses are always a flattering and feminine piece, it’s not one that most of us have thought to turn to when shopping or when shuffling through our closets when looking for something new to wear.

Yes, silk blouses used to come in colors like pale pink, cream, or blue, however now the silk blouse is edgier, more stylish, and playful. Silk blouses now are being shown in bright purple, blue, yellow, or pink. They are now completely sheer or have fun prints on them like polka dots, animal print, or black and white stripes. Edgiest of all, silk blouses are being show with detailed collars like rhinestones, studs, or sequins. The new details on this once very standard and simple look creates a mix of edgy, playful, and girly all in one. 

Silk blouses used to be seen only with conservative dress; either basic dress pants or a pin skirt, and were typically worn only in conservative, business settings.  Now, silk blouses are more fun than ever to wear. Silk blouses are now being shown with skinny jeans left un-tucked with high boots, a few long necklaces and a cute tote. Silk blouses also look amazing tucked into high wasted pants with a cute statement belt like a leopard or metallic print, and paired with fun heels. Most comfortable of all, silk blouses look adorable paired with leggings, and a great pair of flats. For the office, or a night out for cocktails, a silk blouse looks fantastic paired with a pin skirt, flared skirt, or even a mini skirt with tights.

The silk blouse look is feminine, with a touch of sexiness, yet conservative enough that it always looks appropriate for any occasion.  Best of all, this style of blouse works for any woman of any age, and looks great on all shapes. This is one of those go-to items that is super transitional and functional in one. 

Over-the-knee boots are still hot this season! How to wear them in a chic way

 Oh the quandary of the over-the-knee boot; To wear them or not to wear them? Are they fashion forward or are they tacky? For all boot lovers who are ready for these answers, over the knee boots are yet again, a definite yes this season. That being said, if you were part of the over-the-knee boot craze last season, then you are in serious luck this season. From Paris to New York, the over-the-knee boot strutted up and down runways, tapping into the feminine, yet powerful statement pieces of the season.

Being shown in a variety of colors from black to brown, nude, even jewel tones, over-the-knee boots are sleek, sexy, and powerful in one.  Although over-the-knee boots are portrayed as being playful or sexy only, they can be quite casual and functional. Over-the-knee boots come in a variety of styles like wedges, flats, stilettos, even small kitten heels. The variety of heel options allows for an over-the-knee boot look to go from sultry and sexy to cute and casual in no time.

Wool pin skirts just at or just above the knee in emerald green, or burgundy and mid-length pleated skirts in black, brown, or navy blue are the perfect style of skirt that go with high-heeled over-the-knee boots.Sticking with a rich jewel tone color or basic black, cream, or brown always looks chic. Pair your skirt and high-heeled over-the-knee boots with a simple silk blouse, blazer, or even turtleneck. Keep jewelry simple and clean. Again, the boots do the outfit justice.

Over-the-knee boots in wedge, flats, and heel all look amazing with dresses.  For a more casual look, try a basic shirt dress belted, with a fitted blazer and flat-over-the knee boots. Try changing up the look by throwing on a pair of tights. Sweater dresses look adorable with wedge over-the-knee boots. Again, make sure that your dress is not too short and keep accessories to a minimum. Pair with a pretty scarf or a pair of basic gold or silver hoops. The wedge boot gives  the typical sweater dress an upgrade

A flat riding style over-the-knee boot is perfect for first time wearers of the boot. Flat over-the-knee boots are not as intimidating as high-heeled ones because they can be paired with your most comfortable, cute looks. Also, flat is always the most comfortable so it’s easy to throw on for shopping, errands, or lunch. This style will allow you to get used to the look, which I can almost guarantee you will fall in love with. A flat over-the-knee boot should be paired with leggings, or skinny jeans and a loose fitting blouse, sweater, or tunic.

The Power of the P... Pumps that is! Falls Hottest...

Fall’s hottest clothing fashions are here, are hot, and are ready to be worn.  Most of us can’t deny however, that every new item of clothing that makes up an outfit isn’t a complete outfit without a great pair of shoes. Shoes make or break an outfit; they are the foundation of an entire look and tie the look all together.  Shoes can make a look casual, preppy, sexy, professional, trendy, or lady-like. The options are endless and are fun to create.

Cap toe heels are among the most popular styles of pumps this season. Inspired by Coco Chanel, this heel is rich, sophisticated, lady-like, and fashionable all in one.  Although the traditional style like black and white tweed with a solid, patent toe are still available, there are also a variety of sexy and unique looks that are brand new to the fashion world. These cap toe styles include looks like black snakeskin with a metallic cap toe, plain black suede with an animal print cap toe, or even leopard print heels with a black patent leather cap toe.  The updated prints on this timeless style are so fabulous and are a definite must buy this season.

Lady like pumps are an absolute must this season, think light weight, feminine, with a pointed toe; something that you would see Kate Middleton wearing. This style of shoe is classic and timeless and literally can be worn with anything for any occasion. This season lady like pumps are classic with a twist.  Styles in leopard print, bright blue, pink, or velvet, are among many options that add that extra sass to the once typical black or brown. 

Black and white print is not only hot for tops, jackets, and pants, this season but is extra sexy when worn on pumps.  Black and white is timeless, but wearing a black and white print on a heel is fun, fashion-forward, and adds that extra spice to your basic outfit. This season, you will be able to find black and white in animal print, hounds tooth print, vintage two-tone, even striped. The options are clean, classic, yet fun. 

Heels that make a serious statement are seriously hot this season. This style of heel is an attention grabber and is the focus of your entire outfit. In fact, they are so fabulous that they should be paired with simple items like a little black dress, or ankle pants. This style of heel consists of sky-high glitter pumps, multi-colored pumps with metallic heels, or snakeskin print. Think platform heels, spikes, studs, and glitter.

Tap into your inner bad girl... leather is hot this season!

Leather is universally sexy; it provides that right amount of bad girl in any outfit and this season leather is everywhere from dresses, leggings, trousers, coats, jackets, gloves, shoes, bags and even jewelry.

Leather can be intimidating and depending on the item, can get pricey. Thankfully there are inexpensive, faux leather options that look just as fabulous as the real thing. Plus, depending on how hot you are on the trend, you may want to try a few leather items, so keeping cost down is a must. Also, if you are thinking back to the days when leather came in a variety of colors think again, this season black leather is the hottest way to wear it. Its minimalistic look is slimming, sexy, and clean. Designers are popping in some hints of brown leather, but that is the extent for this hot trend.

So how exactly can you rock this look in a chic, trendy, edgy kind of way? Here are some ideas to try, and trust me once you try them you will be hooked.

 Leather skirts for fall and winter 2012/ 2013 are super transitional. Designed in the shape of pencil skirts, and asymmetrical ones with hemlines of various lengths, this style is a hot commodity.  Pair your leather skirt with fun tights, lace up ankle booties, and try pairing with a conservative turtle neck or simple white blouse for the office, or with a slinky black top, fitted jacket, and pumps for a night out. A leather skirt is a definite staple this season because it can go from conservative to sexy in minutes.

Leather jackets have been a staple in most of our wardrobes for years. At first leather jackets were worn casually with jeans, but now with a variety of leather jacket looks like biker, classic clean line, and elongated, this once casual look is super chic with dresses, trousers, leggings, and skirts.

Leather trousers and leggings can be pretty daring and intimating to wear, especially since the majority of women on this planet are not built like Giselle Bunchem. That being said, stretchy, faux leather leggings are being offered and look fabulous paired with a long, slinky sweater and ankle boots. The long sweater covers your behind and thighs so you don’t feel too exposed