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What You Need to Know Before Shopping This Fall!

I can almost hear the heartbeats of women strolling through the mall on a casual Saturday. Their faces, allow pleasant, are a mix of excitement and sheer panic. Their stroll, although casual and confident looking, is also lost and absent. I know this all too well because I have been there. This is what I like to call change of season fashion phobia- when women are ready for new season trends and styles but are in fear of buying the wrong items.

Wash your worries away ladies. Here is a list of the fall trends for 2012. Try one, try them all, and most importantly learn to have fun with incorporating these new styles into your existing wardrobe. Use this as your guideline next time you go shopping so that you don’t feel completely lost!

Red, Crimson in particular is hot hot hot. In fact, it is being called the new black of the season. Crimson is being seen in virtually all clothing items from skirts, to pants, to dresses, to blouses; so much so that it is being seen worn head to toe. Even if you are not one hundred percent comfortable wearing this bold color from head to toe, try it in one piece like a skirt or blouse and pair with more neutral accessories.

 Mixing Black and White is super chic this season. White blouses with black cuffs and collars or skirts with black and white prints, even black and white heels are a definite yes. Best of all, this trend is perfect for the gal who likes to ease into trends; this look has just enough comfort zone but with a stylish twist.

 Cozy Sweaters are being seen all over the runway this season. Best of all, these soft, warm and comfortable go-to items are being shown in a variety of styles from loose and oversized to lady-like and fitted. This is great because women are able to find items that actually work for their shape and still feel with the trends.

 Collars are a girl’s best friend this season. Pair a collar with a dress, sweater, or blouse. This extra embellishment adds character to your everyday staple items and allows for a very put-together lady like look. Try collars that have fun colors that may bring out your eyes, or have interesting shapes to toss up the look and feel of the entire outfit.

 Full on White is not just for summer anymore. Head to toe white pieces are a must this season especially in pants, skirts, and dresses paired with a black belt. As the weather gets chiller try pairing your white skirt or dress with fun tights or simple black ones.

 Plaid is back this season and in a much more chic kind of way. Yes, plaid shirts will be seen here and there, but to really rock this style purchase plaid in a cape, skirt, or dress. A Cape looks rich paired with ankle or wide leg pants, and a skirt or dress looks school girl gone chic with tights, a great pair of boots, and a fun bag. 

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