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One blouse ...three looks

As most of you already know, being able to reuse items in our closets and make them look completely different each time we wear them is right up my alley. The idea of buying something, wearing it once, and then having it hang in our closets for the dust mites to admire is mind boggling to me. It is almost a pet peeve of mine to waste a completely good, even great piece of clothing on one look.  The process of making new looks with one piece can take a little bit of creativity, some nudging, and some inspiration, but it is so worth it.

One item that most every woman owns in her closet is a white, collared, button-down blouse.  A woman’s white, collared, button-down blouse is a loved and hated look. It is loved, because the look is so rich, clean, and crisp. A white blouse can look professional with a pair of pants or a pin skirt, and can look casual and chic with a pair of jeans and boots. A white blouse is a nice go-to for any occasion and almost always looks appropriate. A white, collared, button-down blouse can be hated because for one, it always has to be ironed so it can be difficult to throw on in a rush. Many times I hear women complain about a white blouse being uncomfortable and feel constrained in it. Also, the most often negative that I hear about white blouses is that they seem boring, or almost stuffy looking.

Being a woman who owns and wears blouses in professional and casual settings, I understand both the negatives and positives. However negatives can easily be outweighed with positives when there are more options, and looks that you can get excited about and feel good in. Here are three different ways to wear a blouse, where they are most appropriate to me worn, and how to put them together in no time.

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