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Trend Alert! Women's Tuxedo Flats!

This is the time of year that really excites me when it comes to fashion because there are always some really cool and unique styles that pop up. Each season designers tend to relax their boundaries and surprise us with fabulous new designs, and trends.  

One of edgiest and one of the coolest trends  being introduced already for this fall season are tuxedo flats or what some like to call smoking flats. Either way, these shoes are not just for the boys anymore- the iconic, Hugh Hefner looking tuxedo shoes have been given a fresh and feminine update with beautiful embellishments, bold, rich colors, and wild prints.
Tuxedo flats are extremely comfortable, versatile, and go literally with anything from skirts, to jeans, to ankle pants, to dresses. They are perfect for a more sophisticated look at the office paired with ankle pants or a skirt, or are perfect for shopping with a pair of jeans. These shoes come in so many styles and prints like velvet, silk, leopard print, rhinestones or studs that they can be worn and mixed and matched for any occasion.

Tuxedo or smoking flats are a mix of classic, edgy, quirkiness, and high-fashion in one.  This is the first time that the fashion world has met a flat shoe that actually competes with a high-heel.  They are so unique and unexpected that they are definitely head turners and make the most casual look unique and the most dressed up look fun and fashion forward.
Tuxedo flats have been seen and noticed on the fashion runway and in the elegant store windows of Alexander McQueen, Christian Louboutin, and Jimmy Choo, just to name a few among many designers who are featuring this luxurious piece of fashion foot heaven.  These designers have opened the doorway for a very new and unique trend to be started, which has snowballed down to more affordable stores that the everyday woman will actually shop at.
Take a look at some of the more affordable options below

One blouse ...three looks

As most of you already know, being able to reuse items in our closets and make them look completely different each time we wear them is right up my alley. The idea of buying something, wearing it once, and then having it hang in our closets for the dust mites to admire is mind boggling to me. It is almost a pet peeve of mine to waste a completely good, even great piece of clothing on one look.  The process of making new looks with one piece can take a little bit of creativity, some nudging, and some inspiration, but it is so worth it.

One item that most every woman owns in her closet is a white, collared, button-down blouse.  A woman’s white, collared, button-down blouse is a loved and hated look. It is loved, because the look is so rich, clean, and crisp. A white blouse can look professional with a pair of pants or a pin skirt, and can look casual and chic with a pair of jeans and boots. A white blouse is a nice go-to for any occasion and almost always looks appropriate. A white, collared, button-down blouse can be hated because for one, it always has to be ironed so it can be difficult to throw on in a rush. Many times I hear women complain about a white blouse being uncomfortable and feel constrained in it. Also, the most often negative that I hear about white blouses is that they seem boring, or almost stuffy looking.

Being a woman who owns and wears blouses in professional and casual settings, I understand both the negatives and positives. However negatives can easily be outweighed with positives when there are more options, and looks that you can get excited about and feel good in. Here are three different ways to wear a blouse, where they are most appropriate to me worn, and how to put them together in no time.

Bridesmaid dresses... Something we can actually get excited about

I was recently asked to write an artcile on weddings, and bridesmaid's dresses in particular. At first I sort of chuckled to myself as I am not marrried yet, but I have been in enough weddings and understand fashion enough to know how frustrating the process of choosing them can be. Wedding season in never over. A burst of fall and winter weddings are just around the corner. So, for the bride to be, or friend's of the bride here is a fabulous idea... everyone choose their own dress! But.. there are a few guidelines to follow:

Make sure that as the bride, you are choosing a color palette that makes sense. For instance, you want to be able to describe to your bridesmaid’s that the shades of your wedding consist of  blues, purples, pinks, or even metallic’s. Get a color scheme down and stick to it. Many times, if you are too specific on a color this can throw your bridesmaids off. One person’s idea of turquoise may be completely different from someone else’s. It important to describe the colors that you want specifically and it is never a bad idea to go to a fabric store and cut out swatches of materials and colors that you like, so that your bridesmaids have something to go off of.

Make sure you indicate whether or not you want the dresses to be all long, or short. Even though styles and colors do not have to be exact, length should be either all short or all long. Being that the dresses are already different, have the lengths different as well can be confusing to the eye and you may not get the overall “wow” factor that you were hoping for. The consistency on the length is important; it is one aspect of the individual dress process that gives some formality to the look.

Do your research. It can be very scary as a bride to send your closest friends and family free to pick out their own bridesmaid dresses. Go online and take visits to department stores that carry mass amounts of dresses in different colors. If you find a few that you like, put them on hold at different stores, or email your bridesmaids links so that they can get an idea of what you like. Remember, this is still your day and at the end you still have final call.

Have a deadline. This is very important because it gives you as a bride the opportunity to see the dresses on everyone. If by chance you have friends that are out of town, then have them send you pictures of themselves in the dress or better yet have them skype you in the dress so that you can see it right then and there. As a bride, the last thing you need is any surprises on your special day so make sure you see what each dress looks like on each person.

Once your special day is here and everyone is wearing their best fit dress, the last check is lining up your girls so that there is not the same exact color dress lined up next to another. If by chance, two of your bridesmaid’s choose a color that is almost identical, then be sure to put a shade lighter or darker color dress in between. This gives the overall look a statement and is easy on the eye for pictures and your guests.

Take a look at these mix and match dresses below.. all blue tones and all different styles

White Pants. Wear them right. Wear them now.

It is the beginning of August and although most fashion magazines and designers will tell you it is now perfectly fine to wear white jeans or pants after Labor Day, which is at the end of August, most women do not.  I am not sure if it is because not wearing white after Labor Day has been imbedded in us for a good number of years, or if it is because by the time Labor Day hits we are actually excited for the fall and want to ditch any clothing that resembles the summer months. Either way, it is not a trend that most women abide by. 

We are creatures of habit and when a new season rolls along we are ready for new clothes, new looks, and most of the time do not want to carry over the looks from previous seasons.That being said, white pants are one of the sexiest and classiest pieces of clothing that any woman can wear so there is no time like the present.  Since there are only a couple weeks left of August, and if you are like most women and say goodbye to your white pants when summer is done, then now is the time  to play up your white pants and have fun with wearing them out on the town, to work, or for running around.

White pants look so clean, classic, and rich. What is most fun about wearing white pants is that you can go from a clean classic look, pairing your white pants with a polo or oxford shirt and wedges for grabbing lunch with girlfriends, or going out for the night out on the town paired with a strapless peplum top or halter low back top with heels.

Take a look at some of these adorable white pant looks below.