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Pairing the unexpected

I am not sure if it’s the steamy days, calm nights, sweet smells, or beautiful surroundings, but there is just something about summer that adds that extra pep in our steps. Of course the sun’s vitamin D doesn’t hurt, or the ability to stay active outside doesn’t hurt either. There is something unspoken about summer though- a spice; an unspoken sexiness that these sweltering months posses. And, because of that underlining tone, from a fashion standpoint, we are able to have fun with what we wear.

 From an obvious standpoint we are able to show more skin during these hot summer months, and experiment with dresses, shorts, skirts, and much more. But, there’s a little more to it. There are ways to play with the items that you already own and spice them up a little bit. All of us deserve a little spice and sass, so here are some examples and ideas of how you can play with what you already have to look and feel sexier during these summer months.

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