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A long weekend getaway… what to bring and where to find it cheap!

Oh the joys of packing. During the summer months most people take the time to travel. The summer months allow families to enjoy a trip to the beach or amusement parks, long weekends with girlfriends, or getaways with our loved one. The actual idea of going somewhere is exciting, that is until we have to think about packing. Packing seems to be one of the most dreadful parts of a vacation-it probably ties up there with actually leaving the vacation and then having to unpack when we get home!

As women, we tend to over pack-we want options in case we stay in, go out, in case it’s extremely hot, or chilly. The process can be quite overwhelming. I have learned that there are only a few essentials that any woman needs when traveling. To make this easy on any woman traveling this summer, here are the top packing essentials: a bathing suit that you feel comfortable in, a dress that transitions from day to night, wedge sandals, statement accessories, and a bright colored top and shorts. Also, just in case you do not have one of them, here’s where to find them cheap!

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