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Four Versatile and Classic Items Every Woman Should Own

It can take time and a thought process to figure out what look we want to have in a day. It is not always easy to come up with outfit ideas or looks and sometimes we just don’t want to have to think up a classic look, or fun look, or evening look. Sometimes, as much as fashion can be fun, it is nice to have our go-to basics to rely on. Our go-to items are perfect for middle of the week days if we happen to oversleep a little before work, or for weekend running around when you are just too busy to even think about an outfit. Go-to items always look good, are flattering, and never go out of style.

For every woman, (even superwoman has days off) that has those days when you just need to throw something on and still look good, here are the best go-to items that will never steer you wrong.

A shirt dress is a forever classic because most importantly is looks good on every body type and it is so transitional that you can dress it down with a pair of flats to run to the grocery store, you can make it look trendy with a belt and wedges for an afternoon lunch with girlfriends, or you can make it look classic with a pair of sling back heels and jewelry for the office

. A classic jacket is an absolute must any time of the year. A classic jacket looks sexy paired with a pair of shorts, looks sharp paired over a body-hugging dress, looks sharp with a pair of jeans, or is always perfect for the office. Since it is summer, have fun and purchase a fitted jacket in a bright pink, blue, orange or green. The bright color adds a fun pop to your everyday wear, and looks great paired with any of the items listed above.

There is something so unique about wide leg trousers. The look is uncommon, yet looks good on most shapes. Best of all wide leg trousers are relaxed, and comfortable so they look great with a t-shirt and flat sandals, with a blouse and heels for the office, or with a tank and strappy heels for a night out. The look is fun and is flattering every time.

T-shirts are just amazing, but when you find a cut and material that looks flattering on your shape without looking too baggy or rugged, the options with a v-neck t-shirt can be endless. Scoop neck t-shirts are cute, but v-neck t-shirts can look sexy and appeal to a woman’s neckline

Lounge wear that you can wear even if company decides to drop in!

It has been hotter than H E double hockey sticks outside. During the day, if you are a working woman than you are most likely decked in your appropriate office wear (which isn’t always the most comfortable) and if you do not work, you are probably still dressing for the day to day errands, grocery shopping, and the list goes on. Regardless of what you have going during the day, by the time most of us get home from work or running around during these hot summer days, we just want to put on something comfortable then we are cool in and can veg out in.

The problem that most of us face, is finding something cool and comfortable to slip on when we get home that still looks ok if friends, family, or neighbors stop by. Time and time again, I hear women talk about how difficult it is to find a good “in between” item to wear after work and in between bed. It can be difficult to find something that we are literally comfortable in and feel comfortable in around others without exposing too much skin or being too covered to the point of discomfort.

For every woman, who just wants some cool comfort and relaxation, here are the perfect items to throw on after a long day: A matching tank and top top. Matching your bottoms with your top gives your lounge wear a more put-together look. A cotton or spandex maxi dress is perfect for running to the grocery store or for throwing on after a shower. A long t-shirt and leggings is comfy and cute in one. Rompers are perfect to throw on after a long day and look stylish in case company drops in! Toss up your typical t-shirts with one that is longer on the sides, the style is slimming and cute. 

Pairing the unexpected

I am not sure if it’s the steamy days, calm nights, sweet smells, or beautiful surroundings, but there is just something about summer that adds that extra pep in our steps. Of course the sun’s vitamin D doesn’t hurt, or the ability to stay active outside doesn’t hurt either. There is something unspoken about summer though- a spice; an unspoken sexiness that these sweltering months posses. And, because of that underlining tone, from a fashion standpoint, we are able to have fun with what we wear.

 From an obvious standpoint we are able to show more skin during these hot summer months, and experiment with dresses, shorts, skirts, and much more. But, there’s a little more to it. There are ways to play with the items that you already own and spice them up a little bit. All of us deserve a little spice and sass, so here are some examples and ideas of how you can play with what you already have to look and feel sexier during these summer months.

Mix and Match Summer's Hottest Colors!

 The summer months are not long enough, which means our summer wardrobes are not put to use long enough either. Now is the time to think outside of the box when it comes to utilizing your summer wardrobes. Pair unexpected colors together, or utilize the best of your accessories by tossing in a statement piece of jewelry with your everyday professional work wear, or with a modest sun dress. The idea is to play up the fun summer items that you have by making them look fresh, and put-together.

Look chic in the heat this summer by mixing and matching color schemes. My favorite mix and match colors that anyone can try include: Hot Pink with Turquoise, Mint with Navy, and Coral with Yellow. None of the colors are out of the ordinary, but when paired together, they make a serious statement. The combination of colors above looks very summery, chic, and well put together in a very unexpected way. Try one, or try all.

A long weekend getaway… what to bring and where to find it cheap!

Oh the joys of packing. During the summer months most people take the time to travel. The summer months allow families to enjoy a trip to the beach or amusement parks, long weekends with girlfriends, or getaways with our loved one. The actual idea of going somewhere is exciting, that is until we have to think about packing. Packing seems to be one of the most dreadful parts of a vacation-it probably ties up there with actually leaving the vacation and then having to unpack when we get home!

As women, we tend to over pack-we want options in case we stay in, go out, in case it’s extremely hot, or chilly. The process can be quite overwhelming. I have learned that there are only a few essentials that any woman needs when traveling. To make this easy on any woman traveling this summer, here are the top packing essentials: a bathing suit that you feel comfortable in, a dress that transitions from day to night, wedge sandals, statement accessories, and a bright colored top and shorts. Also, just in case you do not have one of them, here’s where to find them cheap!