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Understated Sexy

There are so many characteristics in a woman that can make her sexy. Whether it’s personality, confidence, the way a woman walks, talks, or nurtures – sexiness can come in all forms for women. Outside of characteristics, clothing and fashion really distinguish the difference from what makes a woman look professional, cute, casual, or sexy.

Overall professional looks are pretty standard. There’s the basic paint suit or blazer and pin skirt. Casual looks are pretty standard as well. It’s easy to throw on a pair of jeans, a cute pair of sandals and fitted tee. The look that seems easy but can be difficult to conquer is the sexy look. Sexy seems like a no-brainer to most women because it seems mindless to throw on a form fitted skirt, a low cut top, and a pair of heels or a fitted dress and a pair of heels. Undoubtedly most women are noticed in these looks but they are not always seen or taken as sexy.  The sexiest thing a woman can wear is something that is understated. Here is a list of the sexiest, understated looks for this season that any woman can wear. 

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