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Dressing for Weddings on a Dime

Dressing for a summer wedding can be fun-especially during the summer months. On the flip side of being able to experiment with this season’s different styles of dresses and looks is not only the cost of the dress, shoes, and accessories, but also deciding what style of dress is appropriate for different types of weddings.

For the women like me, who seem to have a summer full of all different types of weddings, and like wearing something new but don’t want to spend a fortune, here are guest wedding looks that are appropriate for a beach getaway wedding, a country club wedding, an outside country wedding, and a chic city wedding. All of these looks and dresses can be reused and incorporated into your everyday life. Best of all, they are affordable so you can validate buying a new dress for each wedding!

H&M dress $19.95, Chelsea Turnlock Clutch $29.95 DSW, Target gold gladiator sandal $24.99
Forever 21 earrings $3.80, and Forever 21 Bracelet $8.80

Knighton Dress $99 at jackwills.com, Michael Antonio Luelle at DSW $24.95, clutch $35 at Aldo
Teardrop Forever 21 Earrings $4.80, Rhinestone Bracelet $9.80

$22.99 Old Navy Butter Dress, Floppy Hat Forever 21 $10.80, Forever 21 Feather Earrings $5.80
Asos.com robin’s egg blue clutch $33, Target tan wedge $29.99

Oasis-stores.com $77 dress, Zara.com shoes $50, Aldo stud earrings $12, Aldo Bracelet $18
Forever 21 clutch $23.80

Fabulous and Under $20.00!

Ladies... this time of year we are bombarded with weddings, graduations, baby showers, wedding showers, and the list goes on. With money going towards all of these things it can be hard to buy new summer items to add to our wardrobes. For the women like me, who have entirely way too much going on, but still like to buy   a few little items here and there to toss up our go-to summer items here are the cutest additions for summer 2012 and they are all under $20.00!!

Inexpensive "Extras" for this Summer

Summer is the time to have fun with the "extras." It is easy to throw on a summer dress, or skirt, but there are always the "extras" that will add life and fun to your typical outfits. The best part is that these items are cheap so you can afford a couple if not all! Take a look at this season's "extras."

Understated Sexy

There are so many characteristics in a woman that can make her sexy. Whether it’s personality, confidence, the way a woman walks, talks, or nurtures – sexiness can come in all forms for women. Outside of characteristics, clothing and fashion really distinguish the difference from what makes a woman look professional, cute, casual, or sexy.

Overall professional looks are pretty standard. There’s the basic paint suit or blazer and pin skirt. Casual looks are pretty standard as well. It’s easy to throw on a pair of jeans, a cute pair of sandals and fitted tee. The look that seems easy but can be difficult to conquer is the sexy look. Sexy seems like a no-brainer to most women because it seems mindless to throw on a form fitted skirt, a low cut top, and a pair of heels or a fitted dress and a pair of heels. Undoubtedly most women are noticed in these looks but they are not always seen or taken as sexy.  The sexiest thing a woman can wear is something that is understated. Here is a list of the sexiest, understated looks for this season that any woman can wear.