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Dresses that flatter the good and hide the bad

All of us have a body part, or two, or three that we wish was a little different. Whether it is having sculpted arms, a smaller waist, or defined legs, each of us have that area that we are always working on or wish was a little different. I guess as women we are always striving to perfect something about ourselves, but why not give yourself a break and let your clothes do the perfecting for you.

It is so amazing how the shape of a dress can completely change the look of a woman’s body type. Sure, you may think a dress is a dress but buying the right style of dress for your body type can make a world of difference on how you look and best of all how you feel.

For the women who wish that had more of a waist, who would like more of a bust, who have a thicker mid section, who are curvier all around, who have larger hips, or who have heavier arms, here are a list of dresses that will flatter your particular figure, rather than focus on the areas that are not your favorite.

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