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Women and Shoes.. are Macaroni to Cheese

Shoes and Women are like peanut butter to jelly, yin to yang, salt to pepper, sand to beach, or cheese to macaroni. The two just fit together which explains why as women, we need and have so many varieties and options; at least that’s what we tell ourselves! That being said, tis the season to treat yourself to a pedicure because now is the time to take advantage of showing your toes off and rocking some of the most adorable shoes that Spring has to offer.

Spring's hottest shoe trends for 2012 include Ankle strap shoes. Found on stilettos, platform heels, and wedges, ankle straps are an absolute must this season. Neon gets you noticed. Whether you are wearing a pair of ballet flats, heels, or sandals, bright neon yellow, orange, pink, or green in any shoe is a definite this season. Wedges are a girl’s best friend. Wedge sandals are not only adorable, but are extremely comfortable. Wedges are the perfect all around shoe. Whether paired with a maxi dress, ankle pants for the office, or skinny jeans for going out, wedges always look cute. Strappy flat sandals. After a long day at work or for doing errands around town on the weekends, we still want to look cute, but do not always want the pain of heels on our feet. Best of all, they come in fun colors with intricate detail like fringe, feathers,  gold buckles, or multi-colored straps. Colorblock. With so many colors to choose from this season, why not combine two, three, or four into one pair of shoes? Colorblock shoes are fantastic because they allow you to have so many different outfit options and looks in one. Take a look at some of these cute pairs below:

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