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Relaxed Weekend Neutrals

Whether you are crazy busy or do not have any plans, the weekend brings a sense of contentment. It's your time to do whatever you want, at your pace, and on your schedule. Life is so crazy during the week so if you do not take the time for yourself on the weekend it is important that you start. I love dressing up but I also love dressing down,and the weekend is the perfect time to do so. Below are three outfit ideas that are perfect for weekend errands or for grabbing dinner with friends. They are cute, comfortable, and the colors are soft and neutral. Enjoy your days off and have fun with these adorable options below. 
Abercrombie and Fitch destroyed jeans $47, Dorothy Perkins pink chiffon crop  blouse $17 at dorothyperkins.com
Forever 21 boots $33, Aldo Orear $40 at zappos.com ,Motif 56 Julia cuff bracelet at zappos.com $31, and T Tahari gold tone earrings at Macys for $35

American Eagle top $24, Elektra 6 jeans at mango.com for $65,Twain Ankle boot at endless.com $49, H&M Messenger bag $24, Forever 21 feathered boho earring $5.80, and Forever 21 Etched bangle set $8.80

Old Navy Chambray shirt $27, Rigger Pipe white skinny jeans at allsaints.com for $40, Brown buckle boots at Delias $35
H&M Canvas Bag $39, Forever 21 stone necklace $6.80, Forever 21 warrior bracelet $6.80

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