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Working Women Who Know How to Work it

The working woman- she is powerful, caring, aggressive, funny, and sensitive, she is a mother, daughter, sister, wife, friend, and she is me. As a working woman I understand the importance of wanting to look professional at the office while still incorporating my personal style. Today, the working woman is seen as a brand. There are more stylish options to choose from that fit well, look classy, are affordable, and best of all showcase personality.
If you are trying to get out of your office fashion rut and want to start incorporating a more fashion forward style, here are some ideas to get you started.
Reinvent your everyday black and white. It’s easy to gravitate towards your everyday black pants or suit jacket, but have fun with the new and feminine options that are out there. Try this black blazer from H&M with ruffles for $49.95 and pair with contrast waist band trousers found at topshop.com for $76. Add edge to your black and whites by adding a pop of color like a bright magenta or bright blue blouse. Find this hot pink satin tank at Old Navy for $22.94. Tie your entire outfit together with the BCBG Paris Andreax Wedge Sandal for $69.95 at DSW, Flower stud earrings at Forever 21 for $2.80, and Pearl and diamond stretch bracelets from Jcpenney for $12.
Liven up your wardrobe with a bright colored pin skirt. Every store you walk in right now has the most amazing variety of colors. Mix your bright colored pin skirt with fun blouses, jackets, or basic cotton tops. The looks that you can create with your bright colored pin skirt can transform from edgy to lady like in an instant. A bright colored skirt is a fun, simple, and fashion forward investment for the office. Find this pink pencil skirt at JCrew for $90, lady like lace top for $24.95 at H&M, Lace Medallion Earrings for $2.80 at Forever 21, Faux ivory bangles for $6.80 at Forever 21, Woven Belt from Forever 21 for $4.50, and Audrey Brooke Pumps at DSW for $59.95.

Try something like this sky blue flap sleeve dress for $57 @ dorothyperkins.com. The shape of the dress is extremely flattering and the cap sleeves make the dress more office appropriate. Pair with a nude heel like this Hersey nude peep toe heel at Aldo for $ 80, and matching nude hand bag from H&M for $34.95. Tie the outfit together with this Goddess Necklace from Banana Republic for $49.50 and gold studs from H&M for $3.95.

Color Outside of the Lines

Colored pants..my personal favorite item that I have become fixated on this season.  I like the idea of having my pant as the focus of my outfit for a change, plus they come in a variety of styles from wide leg, to cropped, to high-wasted, to skinny to accommodate all body types. All of us at one point or other have owned a bright colored blouse or jacket, but bright colored pants are pretty unique and are not an item that most of us are typically brave enough to wear; until now that is.

Don’t be afraid to get noticed. It’s natural to gravitate towards neutrals like black, white, or tan to pair with your bright colored pants. Instead pair colors that compliment your bottoms but do not overwhelm. In order to get a better idea of what colors to pair together take a look at these examples below.

Try pairing a purple pant with a yellow top. The colors compliment, but do not overwhelm one another. Mix in fun accessories like this floral print clutch or peep toe pumps. Find these flattering stretch twill ankle pants at Jcrew for $90, bright yellow chiffon blouse at Old Navy for $24.94, Floral lulu townshed bow clutch for $29.95 at DSW, Keithly Pump at Aldo for $38.00, Ancient Disc Earrings $1.80 at Forever 21, and Polished Bangle Bracelets at Forever 21 for $7.80

Hot pink and bright blue are a perfect combo for Spring. Add a fun bright bracelet or splash of yellow to add that extra kick of color. Find these bright blue jeans at H&M for $40, H&M blouse hot pink blouse for $24.95, Bright colored forever 21 bracelet for $6.80, Spiked forever 21 chandelier earring from $6.80, Sawicki Aldo pump for $80, and Nine West rock cross body bag for $19.99.
Tangerine and blue are soft, subtle, yet noticeable. Find these coral Jeggings for $30 at Tillys.com, H&M blue blouse for $24.95, Aldo sandal for $110, Forever 21 peacock clutch for $12.80, Forever 21 stone bangles for $10.80, and Forever 21 textured triangle earrings for $3.80

Relaxed Weekend Neutrals

Whether you are crazy busy or do not have any plans, the weekend brings a sense of contentment. It's your time to do whatever you want, at your pace, and on your schedule. Life is so crazy during the week so if you do not take the time for yourself on the weekend it is important that you start. I love dressing up but I also love dressing down,and the weekend is the perfect time to do so. Below are three outfit ideas that are perfect for weekend errands or for grabbing dinner with friends. They are cute, comfortable, and the colors are soft and neutral. Enjoy your days off and have fun with these adorable options below. 
Abercrombie and Fitch destroyed jeans $47, Dorothy Perkins pink chiffon crop  blouse $17 at dorothyperkins.com
Forever 21 boots $33, Aldo Orear $40 at zappos.com ,Motif 56 Julia cuff bracelet at zappos.com $31, and T Tahari gold tone earrings at Macys for $35

American Eagle top $24, Elektra 6 jeans at mango.com for $65,Twain Ankle boot at endless.com $49, H&M Messenger bag $24, Forever 21 feathered boho earring $5.80, and Forever 21 Etched bangle set $8.80

Old Navy Chambray shirt $27, Rigger Pipe white skinny jeans at allsaints.com for $40, Brown buckle boots at Delias $35
H&M Canvas Bag $39, Forever 21 stone necklace $6.80, Forever 21 warrior bracelet $6.80

Unique Accessories to Top Off Your Everyday Looks

Adding unique accessories to your everyday outfits is one of the easiest, and most inexpensive ways to standout and change up your basic looks. A statement bag, necklace, or belt can really change the entire feel of an outfit and best of all can change the entire look so that you can re-ware, re-use, and best of all save! Take a look at some of these unique options below.

The Jentry Aldo bag is clean, rich, and still makes a statement. This bag is a perfect transition into Spring as well.  Find at Aldo for $48.00

This unique gold metal necklace is sure to make a statement with any basic top or blouse. Find this unique piece at H&M for $12.95

Target has the best scarves right now ranging from solid bright colors to unique prints. Best of all, they range from $10.00-$14.99 so you can afford a couple of options!

Embellished flats are cute, comfortable, and are perfect for the office or for a weekend of relaxation. Find a variety of really cute flats at Target ranging from tan, to purple, to royal blue like these flats above for $24.99.

Find this tan and pink belt at Forever 21 for $6.80, Tan and black diamond belt from Forever 21 for $7.80, Black and red statement belt from H&M for $9.95, and Bright blue and gold belt and H&M for $5.80.