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"You can't always get what you want...

But if you try sometimes you might find...You get what you need" ~The Rolling Stones.

One of THE MOST frustrating things is wanting to buy new clothes, but not having the money to do so. It seems so easy at times to swipe a plastic card and go crazy on buying items that we don't really need. Then reality sets in when we get the bill and our hearts sink when we realize that the new items we bought were really not that worth it...(especially since you probably only wore them once.)

Remember,  fashion should never be stressful it should ALWAYS be fun, carefree, and best of all reasonable! Here are some ideas on how to work with what most of us already have, and what inexpensive items you should purchase to toss up the old.. and make it look brand new. Never forget.. even though we may not always have the luxury of getting what we want, if we do a little searching and use what we have.. we can definitely get what we need.

Lace up booties are an absolute MUST this season. They are sexy, and trendy, with a vintage twist. Pair your lace up booties with skinny jeans, a fitted tee, and a long cardigan or bomber jacket. Be sure to layer a few necklaces and keep your earrings simple. The focus on your outfit are these amazing shoes. For a different look wear your lace up booties with a sweater dress or checkered skirt and sweater with knit tights. You will be sure to be noticed and make a statement when wearing these booties to the office or out for a night on the town. This great addition to your wardrobe will most definitely spice up your older clothes. Best of all you can get them everywhere. Here are some affordable examples below:
Try this Vintage Bandolino Varnissa Bootie $79.95 at DSW
Rugged, yet trendy. Find this pair at Target for $34.99

Add a trendy boost to your sweater and jeans or sweater dresses with this pair.  Find them at Charlotte Russe for $38.50
Take a risk and wear a statement piece of jewelry with your everyday wear. Nothing makes more of a statement and shows confidence than your hair pulled back, your eyes played up, and a beautiful necklace or pair of earrings. Trust me you will be noticed. Wear your statement piece out to dinner, on a date, to the office, or for a night out on the town with your girlfriends. Pair these fabulous options with  colored ankle pants, high heels, and a fitted top. For a more understated look pair these options with jeans, booties, and a long fitted sweater. For the ultimate statement wear any of these options with your favorite little black dress.

This Sparkling Collar Necklace by Forever 21 for $10.36 is perfect paired with red lipstick.

This gold leaf trim necklace by Forever 21 for $5.46 is a serious inexpensive statement. Pair with a jewel tone top.
This Tritone Multi Chain Fringe Necklace from Target for $10.48 is just plain fun. Play this up at the office with a suit or for a night out on the town.
A statement piece that will go with absolutely anything in your closet (jeans, black pants, dresses, skirts) is an animal print or faux fur scarf. Do yourself a favor and purchase one. These scarves will really richen up items that you already own, plus you will look just plain glamorous!
Faux fur scarf by Forever 21 for $12.50..simply glamorous.

Animal print scarf from Target for $12.99.. gorgeous with emerald green, red, or black tops.
 Faux Fur neck warmer from Ann Taylor Loft for $39.50.

One of the most useful pieces that any woman should add to their closet is a sexy, fun jacket. You can pair a fun jacket with anything in your closet, plus when you just do not know what to wear, a fun jacket is so easy to turn to. Best of all, you can pair your sexy little jacket with all of the items above. Check out some of these inexpensive, fun options below.

This little jacket is so unique and fun. Pair it with some skinny jeans, and boots. For only $39.80 at Forever 21 this jacket is sure to get you noticed at such a reasonable price.
For a classic look, pair this jacket with a black and white striped top and colored ankle pants, or for the office black pants and a bright top underneath. You can find this at Old Navy for $35.00.

Add a pop of color to your wardrobe this season with this turquoise blue jacket. Its fun, versatile, and it's only $34.95 at H&M.

This sheek, modern jacket looks adorable worn with a statement necklace or with an animal print scarf for a completely different look. Find this at H&M for $34.95.

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