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Super Chic Holiday Shopping Outfits!!

Shopping for the Holidays… must I say more? I would be lying if I did not say that the holidays and shopping for the holidays can be oh so overwhelming. Over the years however, I have really realized that everything in life is what you make of it. If you think something is going to be an overwhelming drag, then it probably will be. If you think something is going to be fun and exciting then it probably will be. Eleanor Roosevelt said it best, “Life is what you make it. Always has been, always will be. ” That being said, every year my sister and I shop for the holidays together, and we make it FUN, yes FUN. We dress in stylish outfits, we get our eggnog lattes on the way to fuel us up, and we even stop for appetizers and cocktails later in the day to make the shopping experience just overall enjoyable. This holiday season do yourselves a favor and make it fun. Life happens so fast...Why not make a positive experience out of the things that we have control over? It’s easy to get caught in the holiday shuffle and feel overwhelmed and frustrated, but this year give yourself a break and enjoy yourself, trust me you’ll be happy that you did. So, in order to jump start your fun holiday shopping experience, I have put together some chic, trendy, and comfortable outfits that are sure to make you feel fabulous while shopping this holiday season. When you look good, you feel good, and that just adds to an amazing day. Take a look at these adorable, affordable, holiday shopping outfit options below.
Look super chic and comfortable in this all black outfit with a punch. Find this fabulous faux fur vest at Old Navy for $26.50, black scoop neck top at Old Navy for $12.00, and black skinny jeans at Old Navy for $29.50. Accessorize at Forever 21. Gold hoops for $3.80, gold stacked bracelets $6.80, and black hobo bag for $32.80. Finish this fab outfit with these over the knee, flat black boots from Charlotte Russe for $35.00.
This outfit is so trendy and rich. Find this black and white striped top at H&M for $12.95. Wear this green Target cardigan over the top for $22.99, and pull the two together with this chic belt from Forever 21 for $5.99. Pair with skinny jeans from Forever 21 for only $10.50. To top off your entire look wear these shimmer studs from Forever 21 for $2.80, Forever 21 bracelets for $5.80, gold chain purse from Payless for $22.00, and fun booties from Forever 21 for $27.00
This zig zag cardigan adds extra pizazz. Find it at Forever 21 for $29.80. Pair with these ponte seam leggings from Target for $19.99, Charlotte Russe flat , gold buckle booties for $35.50, Forever 21 tan and black purse to match your sweater perfectly for $34.80, Forever 21 earrings for $3.80, and H&M necklace for $12.95.

Winter white is so chic this season, especially paired with tan. Find this faux shearling vest at Old Navy for $35.00 and winter white sweater at Old Navy to wear underneath for $36.94. Pair this with these fabulous white jeans from Express for $69.90. Pull your outfit all together with these matching tan wedge boots from Charlotte Russe for $42.50. Accessorize with this tan H&M bag for $34.95, emerald green forever 21 ring for $3.80, and forever 21 gold teardrop earrings for $2.80.

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