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Red-y or not here I come...

LIPSTICK... a staple for women dating back to 5000 years ago when women would use beetles, plants, even stones to rub color on their lips to look more beautiful, more noticeable. This beauty regime has gone on for years, however I have noticed that over the years women have tended to wear more nude colors or glosses, almost for a more "natural look." Finally once again bright colors like Reds and Pinks are being shown on the runways, in magazines, and on movie stars, yet a lot of woman are gun shy to actually wear the stuff; I being one in particular that is until I actually did.

Red Lipstick to me is the equivalent to a power suit for a man. When a woman wears red lipstick, she is noticed and therefore is confident.  Do me a favor and wear red lipstick for one night. Red lipstick can be very sexy and classy if paired with the appropriate outfits. (See clothing examples below)

When you wear your red lipstick you will notice yourself standing tall, smiling, and interacting with more people than you ever have. Red lipstick is THE most inexpensive way to feel and look absoutely amazing.

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  1. I love your comparison between red lipstick and a power suit for a man! It makes me want to put on some red lipstick on right now.