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If Your Coat Could Talk...........

Have you ever taken the time to stop and think about where your coat has gone with you? A coat is one of those staple items that we have for years and years; one of those items that we really never get rid of. Your coat has experienced a lot with you like first dates, job interviews, hospital visits, going out with friends, and family dinners. The list goes on. A coat hugs you and keeps you warm. The pockets of your coat have held your cold hands, good luck charms, money, Kleenex, even important phone numbers. It may be odd to say, but we form a connection with a coat and maybe it's just because its been to so many places with us. The next time you want to buy a new coat, take your time with it because you never know the journey it will take with you. Here are a variety of unique coat options below that are so adorable and affordable that you may not be able to settle with just one. 
This coat by H&M for $59.99 is so chic and girlie. It also comes in black. The style is so incredible on any shape. You will never want to take this coat off.

This double breast teal jacket from Forever 21 for $27.50 adds that extra pop to any dull winter day. Pair with yellow, hot pink, or cream gloves for extra pizazz.

This fire engine red A-line coat from us.asos.com for $113.51 is so chic and sophisticated, yet the color adds flair. You are sure to turn heads in this one.
 Find this tan wool trench coat at victoriassecret.com for $126. Pair with a brown faux fur scarf and cheetah print gloves.

Pair this black and white wool coat from Charlotte Russe for $44.99 with a bright red, purple, or yellow scarf and gloves for that extra rich touch.

Don't let this black ruffle wool coat from Target for $69.99 fool you. It has both a trendy and feminine edge. Pair with jeans or skirts for the office.

** Remember that you can change the look of any coat by adding different belts. Add a belt with a big bow, or rhinestones for a personal touch.

Super Chic Holiday Shopping Outfits!!

Shopping for the Holidays… must I say more? I would be lying if I did not say that the holidays and shopping for the holidays can be oh so overwhelming. Over the years however, I have really realized that everything in life is what you make of it. If you think something is going to be an overwhelming drag, then it probably will be. If you think something is going to be fun and exciting then it probably will be. Eleanor Roosevelt said it best, “Life is what you make it. Always has been, always will be. ” That being said, every year my sister and I shop for the holidays together, and we make it FUN, yes FUN. We dress in stylish outfits, we get our eggnog lattes on the way to fuel us up, and we even stop for appetizers and cocktails later in the day to make the shopping experience just overall enjoyable. This holiday season do yourselves a favor and make it fun. Life happens so fast...Why not make a positive experience out of the things that we have control over? It’s easy to get caught in the holiday shuffle and feel overwhelmed and frustrated, but this year give yourself a break and enjoy yourself, trust me you’ll be happy that you did. So, in order to jump start your fun holiday shopping experience, I have put together some chic, trendy, and comfortable outfits that are sure to make you feel fabulous while shopping this holiday season. When you look good, you feel good, and that just adds to an amazing day. Take a look at these adorable, affordable, holiday shopping outfit options below.
Look super chic and comfortable in this all black outfit with a punch. Find this fabulous faux fur vest at Old Navy for $26.50, black scoop neck top at Old Navy for $12.00, and black skinny jeans at Old Navy for $29.50. Accessorize at Forever 21. Gold hoops for $3.80, gold stacked bracelets $6.80, and black hobo bag for $32.80. Finish this fab outfit with these over the knee, flat black boots from Charlotte Russe for $35.00.
This outfit is so trendy and rich. Find this black and white striped top at H&M for $12.95. Wear this green Target cardigan over the top for $22.99, and pull the two together with this chic belt from Forever 21 for $5.99. Pair with skinny jeans from Forever 21 for only $10.50. To top off your entire look wear these shimmer studs from Forever 21 for $2.80, Forever 21 bracelets for $5.80, gold chain purse from Payless for $22.00, and fun booties from Forever 21 for $27.00
This zig zag cardigan adds extra pizazz. Find it at Forever 21 for $29.80. Pair with these ponte seam leggings from Target for $19.99, Charlotte Russe flat , gold buckle booties for $35.50, Forever 21 tan and black purse to match your sweater perfectly for $34.80, Forever 21 earrings for $3.80, and H&M necklace for $12.95.

Winter white is so chic this season, especially paired with tan. Find this faux shearling vest at Old Navy for $35.00 and winter white sweater at Old Navy to wear underneath for $36.94. Pair this with these fabulous white jeans from Express for $69.90. Pull your outfit all together with these matching tan wedge boots from Charlotte Russe for $42.50. Accessorize with this tan H&M bag for $34.95, emerald green forever 21 ring for $3.80, and forever 21 gold teardrop earrings for $2.80.

"I want to THANK YOU for letting me be myself again" ~Sly and the Family Stone

This month is about giving thanks. I am thankful to all of you for letting me share something that I love and for most of all being so supportive. I am so thankful to have such amazing people surrounding me in my life. Thanksgiving is only two weeks away. If you are like me, you like getting something new for the holidays. Thanskgiving is a time for being with family and friends, so of course you want to look cute! Thanksgiving just happens to land right before we are shopping like crazy for the holiday season. That being said, here are some adorable and comfortable Thanksgiving day outfit options that will not break your holiday spending fund. Take a look at these options below.         
This adorable and cozy snowflake dress can be found at Target for $29.99. Pair with these grey and white matching tights found at Forever 21 for $9.80. Pull this outfit all together with these grey booties from Charlotte Russe for $38.50.

Feeling blue? Perfect! Find this adorable royal blue sweater dress at Target for $24.99. Matching blue cable knit tights at Forever 21 for $7.80 and blue suede Restricted Campus booties at heels.com for $65.00.

Glam up your Thanksgiving day look with this long faux fur vest from H&M for $19.95. Pair with a long sleeved caramel or cream top underneath. These H&M brown suede leggings match perfectly for $14.95 and brown slouch boots to pull it all together found at Charlotte Russe for $40.00 

Super low key, cute, and comfy. Find this long black and white sweater at Old Navy for $49.00. Black leggings at Old Navy for $10.00 and black flat boots at Target for $34.99. Add a red, purple, or bright blue top underneath for that extra pop!

"You can't always get what you want...

But if you try sometimes you might find...You get what you need" ~The Rolling Stones.

One of THE MOST frustrating things is wanting to buy new clothes, but not having the money to do so. It seems so easy at times to swipe a plastic card and go crazy on buying items that we don't really need. Then reality sets in when we get the bill and our hearts sink when we realize that the new items we bought were really not that worth it...(especially since you probably only wore them once.)

Remember,  fashion should never be stressful it should ALWAYS be fun, carefree, and best of all reasonable! Here are some ideas on how to work with what most of us already have, and what inexpensive items you should purchase to toss up the old.. and make it look brand new. Never forget.. even though we may not always have the luxury of getting what we want, if we do a little searching and use what we have.. we can definitely get what we need.

Lace up booties are an absolute MUST this season. They are sexy, and trendy, with a vintage twist. Pair your lace up booties with skinny jeans, a fitted tee, and a long cardigan or bomber jacket. Be sure to layer a few necklaces and keep your earrings simple. The focus on your outfit are these amazing shoes. For a different look wear your lace up booties with a sweater dress or checkered skirt and sweater with knit tights. You will be sure to be noticed and make a statement when wearing these booties to the office or out for a night on the town. This great addition to your wardrobe will most definitely spice up your older clothes. Best of all you can get them everywhere. Here are some affordable examples below:
Try this Vintage Bandolino Varnissa Bootie $79.95 at DSW
Rugged, yet trendy. Find this pair at Target for $34.99

Add a trendy boost to your sweater and jeans or sweater dresses with this pair.  Find them at Charlotte Russe for $38.50
Take a risk and wear a statement piece of jewelry with your everyday wear. Nothing makes more of a statement and shows confidence than your hair pulled back, your eyes played up, and a beautiful necklace or pair of earrings. Trust me you will be noticed. Wear your statement piece out to dinner, on a date, to the office, or for a night out on the town with your girlfriends. Pair these fabulous options with  colored ankle pants, high heels, and a fitted top. For a more understated look pair these options with jeans, booties, and a long fitted sweater. For the ultimate statement wear any of these options with your favorite little black dress.

This Sparkling Collar Necklace by Forever 21 for $10.36 is perfect paired with red lipstick.

This gold leaf trim necklace by Forever 21 for $5.46 is a serious inexpensive statement. Pair with a jewel tone top.
This Tritone Multi Chain Fringe Necklace from Target for $10.48 is just plain fun. Play this up at the office with a suit or for a night out on the town.
A statement piece that will go with absolutely anything in your closet (jeans, black pants, dresses, skirts) is an animal print or faux fur scarf. Do yourself a favor and purchase one. These scarves will really richen up items that you already own, plus you will look just plain glamorous!
Faux fur scarf by Forever 21 for $12.50..simply glamorous.

Animal print scarf from Target for $12.99.. gorgeous with emerald green, red, or black tops.
 Faux Fur neck warmer from Ann Taylor Loft for $39.50.

One of the most useful pieces that any woman should add to their closet is a sexy, fun jacket. You can pair a fun jacket with anything in your closet, plus when you just do not know what to wear, a fun jacket is so easy to turn to. Best of all, you can pair your sexy little jacket with all of the items above. Check out some of these inexpensive, fun options below.

This little jacket is so unique and fun. Pair it with some skinny jeans, and boots. For only $39.80 at Forever 21 this jacket is sure to get you noticed at such a reasonable price.
For a classic look, pair this jacket with a black and white striped top and colored ankle pants, or for the office black pants and a bright top underneath. You can find this at Old Navy for $35.00.

Add a pop of color to your wardrobe this season with this turquoise blue jacket. Its fun, versatile, and it's only $34.95 at H&M.

This sheek, modern jacket looks adorable worn with a statement necklace or with an animal print scarf for a completely different look. Find this at H&M for $34.95.

"Puttin' on the Ritz"

Dressing fashionable and feeling fabulous go hand in hand. However, dressing fashionable and feeling fabulous do not equal spending a fortune. When shopping for clothing for yourself do not feel as though you need to "keep up with the Jones's." Fashion is so amazing because it allows us to let loose, show and explore who we are, and look and feel beautiful. Fashion is also about trial and error and sometimes it works and sometimes it just doesnt work. I agree with spending money on staples such as a little black dress, black pumps, a business suite, or a beautiful bag. However, when it comes to the fun, everyday toss-up-your style items, you should not be spending a fortune. Fashion is about fun not stress. Do not let buying a new jacket or top stress you out because of the price. It's all about finding the RIGHT items at the RIGHT prices. This will give you the financial freedom to experiment with all different types of clothing options to toss up your everyday staples.

Here are some examples below.
This crop shimmer jacket by Forever 21 for $29.80 is a rich twist to dark skinny jeans or black pants for the office. Pair with gold jewelery and you are set!

Flat riding boots are a must. They add style to any weekend outfit with skinny jeans, or with a sweater dress and tights for the office. Check out this great pair at Charolette Russe for $50.00.
This sweater dress from Target comes in Jewel tone colors including a black and white striped option. At $24.99 this sweater dress is a must for a casual day at the office with boots or for going out paired with leopard pumps.

Own a pair of colored skinny ankle pants! They are a must this season. Wear them with ankle boots, pumps, and fish net stockings. This pair is from Old Navy for $36.94
This faux leather caramel skirt by H&M is the perfect skirt to transition from the office to a night out on the town. Pair with tie up ankle boots or navy pumps for a kick.

Red-y or not here I come...

LIPSTICK... a staple for women dating back to 5000 years ago when women would use beetles, plants, even stones to rub color on their lips to look more beautiful, more noticeable. This beauty regime has gone on for years, however I have noticed that over the years women have tended to wear more nude colors or glosses, almost for a more "natural look." Finally once again bright colors like Reds and Pinks are being shown on the runways, in magazines, and on movie stars, yet a lot of woman are gun shy to actually wear the stuff; I being one in particular that is until I actually did.

Red Lipstick to me is the equivalent to a power suit for a man. When a woman wears red lipstick, she is noticed and therefore is confident.  Do me a favor and wear red lipstick for one night. Red lipstick can be very sexy and classy if paired with the appropriate outfits. (See clothing examples below)

When you wear your red lipstick you will notice yourself standing tall, smiling, and interacting with more people than you ever have. Red lipstick is THE most inexpensive way to feel and look absoutely amazing.